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Grooming  |  Packages & Pricing

A-Round of A-Paws Pet Boarding Resort and Spa is here for your birthday party and special event needs. Our Gourmet bakery produces the most delicious, healthy pastries and cakes your pet's heart desires. Treat your pet to a catered banquet event that is completely customizable from our chefs, Organic Birthday Deserts, themed Birthday parties and more!! Our events staff can fulfill your wildest dreams for any pet occasion. Our mobile team is here for your convenience to set up and organize the Birthday party or event of your dreams at your home, park, hotel or any desired location of your choice.  All of our Gourmet Items are baked fresh to order so that your pet gets the best of the best with the freshest ingredients at all times.

A- Round Of A-Paws Pet Boarding Resort and Spa only works with the highest trained photographers to give you professional photos of your event and candid shots.  Feel free to take a look at our most popular menu items below, and please keep in mind that every event if 100% customizable for your pleasure and your pets taste.

Our wonderful staff welcomes your family and friends to attend your special event for your precious pooch. Please keep in mind that if event is held at A-Round of A-Paws Pet Boarding Resort and Spa that any quest you invite must show A-Round of A-Paws proof of Vaccine history and preventative care. Please see our Vaccine tab for necessary requirements.

Birthday Parties!

All cakes have low fat/non fat cream cheese honey frosting

Frosting can be changed with Marscapone frosting. Frosting can vary. More non dairy options available.

DISCLOSURE: Please contact A-Round Of A-Paws for a list of ingredients. All treats are organic and can be made hypo allergenic for pets with food allergies.



Carob-Peanutty Butter Cake

8 inch round  |  $32.50

12 inch round  |  $40.50

Bone shaped or vanilla granola flavored  |  $55.50

Carob-Peanutty Butter Cake (two-tiered)

8 inch round  |  $65

12 inch round  |  $100

Carob-Peanutty Butter Cake (three-tiered)

4 inch round  |  $100

8 inch round  |  $100

12 inch round  |  $100

Princess Crown Vanilla-Peanutty Butter Cake

with edible gold flakes & glitter  |  $65

Princess Castle Cake

Vanilla cake with peanut butter carob filling with piped yogurt frosting  |  $65

Vanilla/ soy protein/ granola cake with carob/ banana filling with piped yogurt frosting |  $68

Banana Puppy Pound Cake

Any desired shape or theme (call for availability)  |  $25 - $75

PupCakes |  $2.50 each



Additional Desserts

Bakes Apples (over frozen yogurt)  |  $ 35.00

Apple Pudding Pupsickles  |  $ .85 each

Citrus Surprise Pupsickles  |  $ 0.85 each

Chicken Yum Yum Pupsickles  |  $ 0.75 each

MooMoo Beef Gravy Pupsickles  |  $ 0.85 each

Refresh Pupsickles (parsley, cheese, chicken)  |  $1.00 each

Veggie Pupsickles  |  $ .50 each

Truffles  |  $ 1.00 each or $6.00/ lb

Apple Cinnamon Cookies  |  $ 0.75 each or $4.75/ lb

Banana Puppy Power Bars  |  $ .75 each

Filo Pumpkin Tarts  |  $ 2.00 each

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cookies  |  $.50 each or $4.00 / doz

Rolled Oat and Granola Biscotti (with honey cream cheese frosting)  |  $ 1.50 each

Cheddar Cheese Biscuits  |  $ 0.75 each  $ 3.50/ 1/2 doz

Chicken Chow Cookie  |  $ 0.50 each or $5.00/ lb

Lean Machine Puppy Power Treats (various sizes)  |  $ 7.50/ lb

Soy Cookies  |  $ 1.00 each $ 8.00 / doz

Mini Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes  |  $ 0.25 each  

Parmesan Heaven  |  $ (prices vary)

Lunch & Dinner Parties

We Do lunches as well as dinner parties! Gourmet menu includes pet safe meals such as:

Organic Whole Wheat or Brown Rice Penne Pasta  |  $50

Peas, carrots, grilled chicken, omega 3/6 fatty acids with a light oil drizzle. Serving for 12 guests.

Organic Whole Wheat or Brown Rice Penne Pasta  |  $65

Bacon/pancetta, parmesan cheese, omega 3/6 oils. Serving for 12 guests.

Shepard’s Pie  |  $45

Red potato,lean ground beef, peas, carrots, beef gravy. Serving for 12 guests.

Low Allergen Shepards Pie  |  $70

White fish, red potato, peas, carrots, parsley with omega oils. Serving for 12 guests. (great for coat and skin)

For Sensitive Stomachs

Grilled Chicken Lunch Special  |  $45

With brown rice and peas. Serves 12 guests.

Grilled White Fish  |  $55

With sweet potato baked fries. Serves 12 guests.


Sweet Pea/Corn Salad  |  $26

Serving for 12 guests.

Sweet Potato Fries  |  $25

Apple/Pear Salad  |  $22

With a pear vinaigrette.

Grilled Tofu  |  $27

With apple puree.

Grilled Honey Apple Bread  |  $27

With apple sauce.

Grilled Honey Apples  |  $35

With cheese filling.

Three bean Salad  |  Price Vary’s

Event Spa Services

Swedish Massage  |  $30 - $75 (pending pet’s weight)

Warm Stone Therapy  |  $65

With Swedish massage.

Warm Stone Therapy Package  |  $75

With Swedish massage, bath, brush, nail trim, bows, teeth brushing & perfume.

Swedish Massage Package  |  $85

With bath, brush, nail trim, teeth brushing, perfume & green tea paw soak with nail polish.

Swedish Massage Package  |  $145

Green tea facial, mystic mud mask, green tea paw soak, full grooming, nail trim, teeth brushing, perfume, stone therapy with oil sugar scrub.

Please contact Shannon Fairfield at shannon@aroundofapawsresort.com for questions or for additional information.

Let’s Party!

Photography Available

Industry pricing may vary.

Party Reservation Fee  |  $85

Limo Service  |  $55

Area codes 89052, 89183, 89144

For all other area codes, please contact us.